15 Incredible Duy plug-ins
This bundle contains 15 amazing high-quality plug-ins from Duy, for 64 bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST.

Dream Dynamics, Monster Mix, Power, Analog Bus, Duy DaD Tape, Duy DaD Valve, Duy Deep Analog EQ, Duy Wide, Duy MagicEQ, Duy Magic Spectrum, Duy Silence, Max Duy, Duy Shape, Duy Z-Room, Duy31|analyzer, Duy31|graphic, and Duy31|noiser


Dream Dynamics is a revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness intelligently. It can replace classical multi-band compressors, limiters, and levelers, delivering a better sound and providing a much greater ease of use.

Monster Mix is a simple and powerful automatic dynamics and equalization optimizer. It gives that professional final touch to any musical mix at a touch.

Power is a simple and revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness intelligently. You don’t have to adjust thresholds, knees, slopes, ratios, attack or release times. It automatically does it all for you!

Analog Bus models the classical vintage mixing console buses within the digital domain.

DaD Tape simulates the sound of analog tapes for digital audio systems and features physical modeling of the four most representative tape recorders on the market.

DaD Valve is a physical-modeling-based classic tube simulator for digital audio systems, featuring the most popular types of valves – triode, tetrode, and pentode – with a full range of biasing and operating levels.

Deep Analog EQ is Duy’s new approach to analog equalizers. With proprietary technology, analog warmth can be controlled in an unprecedented way and with high-quality standards.

Duy Wide is a stereo and multichannel spatial enhancer, which allows the widening of the stereo image, as well as sound placement outside the physical speaker locations. Duy Wide is mono-compatible.

Duy MagicEQ is a mastering tool, based on a new equalization concept that makes it an automatic equalizer!! Read all about MagicEQ LE here.

Duy Magic Spectrum is a high-quality mastering tool that allows you, to perform Spectrum Matching or even actually modifying the frequency contents yourself with edition tools!! As you can see, Duy Magic Spectrum is THE TOOL for modifying the spectral contents of your audio. Read all about DUY Magic Spectrum here.

Max Duy is a sound level maximizer based on Duy’s exclusive ILO algorithm, featuring seamless level maximizing, zero harmonic distortion (even at low frequencies) and release-free operation.

Duy Shape is a sound enhancer featuring 3-band smooth filters with full audio range continuous crossover points and three independent user-defined shapers with virtually infinite resolution accuracy.

Duy Z-Room is a natural-sounding, optimized-consumption reverb for native systems.

Duy Silence is an amazing noise-reduction plug-in. Remove the noise from your audio in just a few seconds, or take total control over your noise using simple and powerful edition tools!.

Duy31 includes 3 excellent plug-ins: Duy31|analyzer (a frequency spectrum analyzer packed with useful utilities and visualization options), Duy31|graphic (a 31-band linear-phase graphic EQ with amazing features), and Duy31|noiser (a pink & white noise generator). Perform Room Calibration.

Products included in this Bundle

Duy Analog Bus $ 99

Vintage Mixing Console Buses

Duy DaD Tape $ 399

The Original Analog Tape Plug-in

Duy DaD Valve $ 349

The Original Classical Valve Plug-in

Duy Deep Analog EQ $ 249

A Linear Phase Parametric Multiband EQ

Duy Dream Dynamics HDa $ 399

Optimize music loudness intelligently

Duy Magic Spectrum $ 289

Hi-Res Matching EQ

Duy MagicEQ $ 289

High Precision Mastering EQ

Duy Monster Mix $ 49

A powerful automatic dynamics and equalization optimizer

Duy Power $ 99

Optimize music loudness intelligently

Duy Shape $ 149

3-Band Special Effects Sound Processor

Duy Silence $ 249

Powerful high precision noise removal

Duy Wide $ 249

Stereo and Multichannel Spatial Enhancer

Duy31 $ 199

3 high-quality plug-ins for room analysis and equalization

Max Duy $ 149

Sound Levelling Maximizer

System Requirement

Windows Requirements
  • Not supported
Mac Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • Audio-Unit plugins
    • VST plugins
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
  • Formats: AAX, AU and VST2 (64-bit)
  • An iLok 2/3 dongle is required for authorization

Duy Gold Bundle


15 Incredible Duy plug-ins This bundle contains 15 amazing high-quality plug-ins from Duy, for 64 bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST. Dream Dynamics, Monster Mix, Power, […]

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