It was late in the evening, I decided to write an email to my friend Bernie Torelli, founder and creator of the Nomad Factory plugins to get some news about his health since he just had a cancer surgery, and I also wanted seek his advices, I explained him I was interested to start a business but that I didn’t know what.

His answer was funny as always “Sell my plugins kid, there is some money to be made”, I was laughing alone in my office as I was reading his colorful answer.  The day after, I gave him a call, after a few minutes of talking I asked him if he was joking when he offered me to sell his plugins because as a sound engineer selling plugins was something I saw myself doing.

He told me he was serious and since it is really hard to get the first reseller account when you have no trading references, he offered to help me get my first reseller account with his distributor that way I could get my first reseller account and sell his plugins.  He sent me an email the day after telling me that he had talked to his distributor and that he was going to contact me to get some informations in order to setup my account.

So this is it, that’s how it all begins.

Thank you Bernie, without your help and advices, Eric’s Plugins wouldn’t exist today, I hope you can see from above what it became, and as I’m working the store, there is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you.

Thanks again my friend.


Bernie Torelli  1956-2016